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15 Discussions with Professional Caregiver Consultants and Coaches over 5 Days

November 14-18, 2016

11 AM EST Daily

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This Free Summit will cover the following topics and more, providing tools, techniques, and hacks to support your caregiving journey

Colleen Kavanaugh:

"How to find your joy in caregiving"

Gael Chirella Alba:

"How to find balance between caregiving and career when starting out as a caregiver"

Vivian Geary:

"How do I care for myself?"

Karen Bromberg:

"Techniques for coping with caregiver stress"

Leslie Cottrell Simonds:

"How pre-planning helps you AND the one you are caring for"

Tami Neuman and Cathy Braxton:

"Communicating with someone with Dementia"

Liz O'Donnell:

"Preparing for a trip home again after a hospital stay"

Deb Kelsey-Davis:

"Remembering the person inside the elderly body"

Deborah Shouse:

"Connecting in the Land of Dementia: Creative Activities to Explore Together"

Lorna Scott:

"Conscious Caregiving-The Inner Game of Family Caregiving"

Saskia Jennings:

"I know I need to take care of myself. How do I fit that in?"

Priya Soni:

"Turning Difficult Conversations into Meaningful Ones"

Elizabeth Miller:

"Health and happiness for the caregiver"

Sharon Marts:

"Knowing when it is time to move to a long term care facility"

Enjoy our daily "cream and sugar" with your tea

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We understand the daily challenges of caregiving. We've been there ourselves and have chosen to make it our life's work to support those that are giving of themselves to care for others.

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